Team Chat. Powerful, Simple & Secure!

Your Complete Command Center

Gridle.chat integrates with everything you use. Plus it brings together your colleagues, content and context in just one place.

No more Juggling

No more asking around for statuses and updates. Gridle.chat is proven to reduce email clutter and in-person meetings by a staggering 60%.

It's the whole 9 yards!

From ideation to deployment. From Operations to Delivery. From Sales to Accounting; Gridle.chat helps everyone stay productive & effective.

Contextual Search

A powerful search is really important for your Productivity. Gridle.chat's elastic search lands you exactly where you need to be. Plus, it also bifurcates and classifies notifications so you are not bothered about trivial stuff. After all, search is a way of life!

Custom workflows and templates

Threaded Messaging

Multiple subjects being discussed at once? Gridle.chat comes with Threaded Messaging so you can turn every and any individual message into a post and can have a contextual conversation/ comments around it by involving the right people at the right time.

Team Video Calling

What's chat if you can't have a video call? Gridle.chat allows you to host free Voice & video group calls right within your browser. You can also share screens and make presentations! Forget having to download a separate app and inviting people;

Chat messaging; Well of course!

Unlimited File-Sharing

Upload or Drag & Drop your files into Gridle.chat without any worries or limits. All the files are contextually stored & retrieved. Also, you can view, comment and discuss around the files that you have shared here. The search works for content within the files as well :)

Safe place for all your files..

And, Gridle.chat talks with your apps

Making Gridle.chat better is literally in your hands. Integrate applications and services you already use to get contextual updates & notifications right here. More power to you.

Gridle LogoIntegration Tools

Wait, there’s more

Small little things that just make ‘Using Gridle’, the best decision you will make this year!



We realize that Gridle.chat is something you would use for a large part of your work-day and we want it to feel comfortable. So, you can change your themes, fonts and much more to make Gridle.chat your own!


With mobility

Your work is at your fingertips. With apps and extensions, we make sure that you have everything you need to accomplish your goals on all your devices so you are always on top of things. Gridle works where you do.


And security

Gridle gives bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption to all your data. We conduct regular security audits on our platform, do back ups, maintain redundancies and update infrastructure. This is the most important bit for us as well.


Plus 24x7 support.

We are answering questions round the clock. 24x7x365. You can get an instant reply on twitter or send us an email. Once done, you will wish every company had their customer support like we do.

Enjoy the finer things in life..

Simply put, Gridle is team work for Pros. Solve communication slip-ups, multiple frameworks, compatibility issues and productivity bottlenecks. Gridle gives you eye of the tiger.